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245 Chalmers Street
Redfern, NSW, 2016

Bringing together First Nations artists with presenters and programmers. Produced by Performing Lines.


Kamahi King



Production Title: Constantina Bush and the Bushettes and Friends

Status: Work in Development

Artform: Theatre



The technical aspects of the show are quite simple.

- 6 seats that we use as airplane seating
- a stool  
- 2 handheld wireless mics
- all music backing tracks supplied
- 2 foldback wedges either side of stage in front. 

For the new show we will require rigging anchors from the ceiling to incorporate the straps performance.

Constantina is the female character of Impersonator Kamahi Djordon King.  She is from the bush up in the Northern Territory and sings about her life through parody of songs that are around at the time of the show.  She is a Native Kriol speaker and speaks and sings in this language that is native to the Katherine region. 

The stories are comedic and tell the life story of Constantina as she chases the bright lights of the city from a small dusty cattle station in the outback. The Bushettes are the dance and choreography part of the show that back Constantina while she sings. 

Constantina Bush and the Bushettes and Friends lends itself to the cabaret, burlesque theatre side of things. We incorporates comedy, song, dance and acrobatics with Aboriginal Australian issues at the forefront. It started out as Constantina Bush and the Bushettes and is now expanding to include a variety of performers. 

Mis Ellaneous has recently been added to our tours and is a regular performer with us.  The friends aspect is where it can now be expanded to include different types of performers that may slot in and out as needed.  There is a Hoop Artist from Somalia and a young Aboriginal straps artist direct out of NICA. 

Mis Ellaneous provides great drag entertainment during Constantinas changes and the two miss each other on stage but are aware of each other as the show progresses. A hit on the festival circuit, Constantina Bush will show at Darwin Festival. 

This new work will include the original line up of Kamahi Djordon King as Constantina Bush, Juanita Elleanor Duncan as Monique (Bushette number 2) Cecelia Geissler as Cha Cha (Bushette number 1) and Ben Graetz as Mis Ellaneous.  Joining us will be Kichoring Kassa (Yeshie) from Somalia as the hoop artist, and Jilabaloo Nathan Riley on the Straps. 

The show promises variety acts that come together in the end to finish with a big dance number choreographed by Holly Durant.  The show leans towards the GLBTQIA2+ side of life and exposes people from all walks of life to this community - nothing in the show is too mature that kids would not be able to see it. We do have an adults only version of the show which I have never been able to do as there are always kids in the audience.

Previous iterations of the show were about making people aware of the current indigenous issues at the time through the use of comedy and song.  It was a subtle but effective way of educating the wider community about the issues we were facing.  The newer show will continue this tradition among the groundswell that has been occurring with us Indigenous people from all over the world.