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245 Chalmers Street
Redfern, NSW, 2016

Bringing together First Nations artists with presenters and programmers. Produced by Performing Lines.


Katie Beckett



Production Title: Bringing Up Trans

Status: Concept

Artform: Theatre



I envision this work to be a small work with a max cast of three actors, in a small theatre like Belvoir Downstairs or the Griffin, to really give the audience a sense of the characters and really go on the journey with them.

This work will be text based, relying on the actors, writer, director and dramaturge, to tell the story.

I imagine a simple set, costumes, with simple but powerful lighting and sound to layer the work.


When I first gave birth and looked down at my baby...the whole world stopped in silence and turned gold. And even though the world may not seem as golden as that day, I'm lucky I still get a splash of gold everyday I am with my son.

Bringing Up Trans is a semi-autobiographical concept about a young Aboriginal single mother bringing up her beautiful, strong, independent trans FTM (Female to Male) child away from country, in the urban heart of Sydney. This play will go in and out of different time periods as we explore their recent trials and triumphs they face in everyday life: in and outside of their home; with society; school; and back home on country.

We will also explore their future fears. Fears of the unknown. Fears only a mother has for her child. Fears of the suicide rates of young Aboriginal people, as well as young queer suicide rates. She is scared to lose her only child to such tragedy. Her way to combat this is to fill her son with self worth, self confidence and self love hoping that these teachings, as cheesy as they are, will conquer all.

My son is now seven years old, from the age of two he has always told me he was a boy, we have since gone through transitioning, and while it was easy for us at home, it seemed a lot harder for others to accept at school, friends and his father and his own family. He has had poo thrown on him in the toilets, been uninvited to parties, experienced bullying but through it all he remains strong in who he is.

He has inspired me to be a better, stronger person and to speak up.