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245 Chalmers Street
Redfern, NSW, 2016

Bringing together First Nations artists with presenters and programmers. Produced by Performing Lines.


Naretha Williams





Production Title: CRYPTEX - Bio Templates & Ceremonial Frameworks for Contemporary Composition

Status: Work in Development

Artform: Interdisciplinary


Technical: This phase of the work is focused on research, experimentation, testing and draft compositions.  It is a methodology to create new works which may be applied in various formats including sound design for theatre and dance works as well as interdisciplinary installations and performance.  The technical needs for presentation will be dependent on these outcomes and will vary from score playback to live instrumental performance or hybrid delivery.

I work from my own studio as well as MESS (Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio) who are formal partners for my project.


Cryptex is an innovative hybrid composition methodology, enabling the creation of unique new works. Cryptex utilises the source code of the body by analysing its DNA Sequence to create mathematical templates to work with musically. Traditional Aboriginal Song Cycle data will also be used to inform technical & creative decision making.


My identity, bloodline and place is a continual point of enquiry given the vast complexity of my own experience and how this relates to being a Wiradjuri First Nations woman on our continent.
Through my extensive artistic explorations as well as technical, cultural, social, esoteric and scientific interests, I have come to intensely challenge even further, the notions of being and belonging. Over years of trying to integrate my own personal lineage and cultural point of reference, I am led to the very core of our genetic make-up, our DNA. Combined with an effort to resolve my displacement of Country, I search for parallels and bridges in our Songlines.
What has become clearly apparent to me is the mathematical foundation of all life. The fundamental coding of even the most organic and abstract of matter can literally be defined on a binary level if one chose to drill down on cellular artefacts. My studies in audio engineering expanded my understanding of these principals immensely as I began to comprehend the laws of physics, mathematics, frequency and electricity in a more profound way. This field of study is of deep interest and in my opinion, the universal grid of consciousness.
Cryptex presents opportunities to explore these concepts in depth by focusing on core codes, experimentation and methodology within defined parameters.
My work poses and interesting axis - searching for identity whilst simultaneously de-identifying through decoding, in turn highlighting fundamental connectivity and symbiosis simultaneously. ie. I AM the land.