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245 Chalmers Street
Redfern, NSW, 2016

Bringing together First Nations artists with presenters and programmers. Produced by Performing Lines.


Pauline Lampton


Juru & Bunjalung

Production Title: (Untitled)

Status: Concept

Artform: Dance



Stage 1:
Camera & audio recording equipment

Stage 2:
Rehearsal studio
Internet connection
Phone connection
Camera & audio recording equipment

Stage 3:
Rehearsal studio (for residency)
Sound tech
Camera & audio recording equipment
Theatre (outcome performance)

Indigenous communities across the world have rich and vibrant cultures that share many similar cultural traditions and histories. We hope to work with the Pomo First Nation in North America to develop a youth focused inter-generational Indigenous cultural exchange that will result in the development of a collaborative cultural production. The production will promote stories, dance andsong passed on by elders to the youth from both communities. This will not only assist Indigenous communities to support youth leadership and capacity for the future, but also eldership and record threatened cultural knowledge as elders pass on. It will also allow non Indigenous audiences to learn about the wisdom and ancient knowledge of Indigenous peoples and the environment to bring about an awareness of sustainability andthe importance of our elders, kinship, community and place in the 21st century.

Biddigal is currently engaged in conversations with the Pomo First Nation that highlights many of the shared struggles we face as Indigenous peoples. Sharing knowledge is an innovativeapproach to create change. Knowledge exchange, not only supports first peoples but creates strong youth leadership that will develop and implement solutions at the grassroots in our respective communities for the future.

The project is envisaged as a three stage program that will seed long term collaboration. Initially (Stage 1) a small Australian Indigenous delegation will travel to the Pomo First Nation to learn, build personal relationships and support cultural protocol, to establish the framework for the production. While in the USA the exchange will be filmed and documented. As Biddigal returns to Australia, the second stage will continue the dialogue by way of online technology such as skype, youtube, emails to continue development. The third and final stage of the program will involve a visit from the Pomo delegation to Australia with a one week residency culminating in performance outcomes presented in Australia such as the Cairns Indigenous Art Fair (CIAF) 2018.

Current collaborators:
Biddigal Performing Arts
Seven Generations International
Pomo First Nation (Nth America)
Yindinji First Nation (Australia, Nth Qld)
Giddimay First Nation (Australia, Nth Qld)
Storymotive Web Video Productions
Cairns Indigenous Art Fair

Expected collaborators:
Centre of Contemporary Arts Cairns, Arts Queensland