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245 Chalmers Street
Redfern, NSW, 2016

Bringing together First Nations artists with presenters and programmers. Produced by Performing Lines.


Thomas E.S. Kelly



Bundjalung / Wiradjuri

Production Title: [MIS]CONCEIVE

Status: Ready to Tour

Artform: Dance


Technical: Black box venue with raked seats. Performance space of 8 meters deep and 7.5 meters wide covered with black tarkett. No set.


What does an Aboriginal Australian person look like? Act like? Sound like? Do they all have black skin, live in the bush and are they naked? I’ll give you a clue, not all of them.  

Combining Aboriginal cultural knowledge with contemporary gestural motifs, [MIS]CONCEIVE‘s fusion of hip hop, physical percussion and rhythmic cultural pattern is expressive and immediate. Through the mash-up of traditional and contemporary styles that simultaneously reject, reveal and re-educate modern (mis)understandings of Indigeneity, [MIS]CONCEIVE argues that ‘knowledge’ does not equal comprehension. Books are not their covers. One size does not fit all.

Kelly and his ensemble move with assured physicality in this high-energy work that pulses with humour, play and personal stories. Voice and body become pathways to traditional dance and song, as repetition and disguise make way for moments of discovery. [MIS]CONCEIVE brings audiences through the past, to understand the present, and move forward into a better future.

[MIS]CONCEIVE is a work that consists of four performers, duration of 50 minutes, it premiered at the 2016 Next Wave Festival and had a second season at PACT in Sydney later in 2016.